Push forward international grassroots citizen journalism!

The „Neue Debatte“ guarantees a report free of commercial influence, understood as an element of international unity by giving people of all nations the opportunity to formulate and to take action for their interests.

Welcome! It’s great that you, too, are supporting free, independent and unlimited journalism performed by the people themselves. Let us encourage and push forward international grassroots citizen journalism!

I am Gunther Sosna (aged 49) from Germany and I am the initiator of the Grassroots Citizen Magazine „Neue Debatte“ but there are many other guys involved in the project as you will see below. Let me first talk about the idea behind the project, its start and first year of development.

Gunther Sosna ist Initiator von NEUE DEBATTE und schreibt über Themen wie Militarismus und gesellschaftlichen Wandel.

I worked in the field of journalism and advertising for a long time.  For more than ten years I lived in different European countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic (on this page you can find out more about me). So I was able to gain detailed insights into different ways of living and learned to view social and political developments from various European perspectives.

I became very much disillusioned by the one-sidedness of normal journalism. Its poor processing and the biasing coverage of significant events and of decisive questions as war or peace, poverty or wealth, humanism or xenophobia, freedom or suppression of speech were a general trend in all countries.

Marginalizing or exaggerating reporting helps to ground uniformed political valuations and ideological standpoints, due to business interests of monopolistic media as parts of the political camps in power or the establishment in general.

Based on inflationary using the subjective mood professionals strive for the “click”, the horror news and the latest scandal playing off peoples against each other leaving behind scared, nationalistically agitated populations.

All this has not to happen!

The people must be granted a fair chance to build up their own comprehensive understanding of world and social affairs in this most complex epoch of human history. This is a basic requirement for world-wide, democratic social companionship. Any submission to commercial interests automatically results in financial patronizing and prerogatives of interpretation.

These experiences and considerations made me launch the Citizen Magazin Neue Debatte in April 2016. It started as a private project to defend freedom of thought as a human right and to contribute an alternative form of journalism that does not lay claim to propagate the correct political line or the only social truth. It is an attempt to bring together people from all countries for a constructive dialogue which perhaps contributes to the solution of problems. But above all it is meant to promote mutual understanding of each other’s attitudes and positions.

Crowdfunding Campaign Neue Debatte GoFundME EN

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Today major publishers have the monopoly of today’s journalism. They have transformed into sales houses and are blurring the distinctions between editorial contributions and advertising. It now becomes the readership’s concern to look for proper and independent journalistic achievements by own efforts.

The original tasks of professional journalists are investigations, securing of facts, and genuine processing of information in order to make them fully accessible to the public and to analyse and evaluate them publicly. The modern digitized society brings forward a new media competence of the people themselves. Everyone is a journalist, a grassroots journalist!

The „Neue Debatte“ is a response to this development.

Grassroots journalism is not a business. It does not serve any capital interests nor goes for profit maximization. Grassroots journalism is reporting from below, opposing ideological manipulation and oppression of opinions and views. Grassroots journalism stands up against all unjust and unfair treatment of the people the profiteers of existing social systems seek to disguise.

The „Neue Debatte“ is committed to critical reflections on the historical past, the present times and future developments. It stands for human emancipation and self-awareness and helps to overcome all boundaries – for a human world void of exploitation, autocratic and oligarchic rule, a world of true democracy, a world worth living in.

The “Neue Debatte” combines people of all walks of life, with diverse social careers and cultural backgrounds, representing different fields of work and living in different countries. They are sketching the latest social, cultural, and political developments from their perspective, experience, information and knowledge, thus stimulating a new constructive debate.

Started spontaneously

The decision to start the media project „Neue Debatte“ was made within a few seconds. Empty  pages went online! In the beginning, me and the language teacher and artist Jairo Gomez were the only authors who wrote contributions for Neue Debatte. A reporter from Italy and a student from Finland joined us, then an apprentice from Germany and a moderator from Spain. The open band of authors grew by some activists from France, a worker from Austria, a professor from Cuba, a carpenter from Belgium, a philosopher from Germany … no end in sight! An excerpt of the authors can be found here.

Within the first year our magazine and archive – accessible to everybody – have been filled continuously by hundreds of contributions, reports and interviews, covering topics from history, philosophy, democracy, analysis of the war in the Middle East, on state formation or pure struggle for existence.

Currently the contributions still appear in German language only. The „Neue Debatte“ should be multi-lingual in order to finally overcome the limitations of understanding between people because of language barriers. This can be changed with your help and the help of “the crowd”.

Neue Debatte Crowdfunding Campaign

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In addition, we would like to transfer the project officially to a non-profit organization, which will be transformed into a non-profit cooperative at a later date.

For these plans the „Neue Debatte“ needs financial support. The necessary efforts behind the scenes can’t be accomplished any longer by voluntary services only.

We need translators and proof-readers and we need money to create the technical and structural prerequisites in order to achieve a grassroots journalism for everybody which nevertheless meets high standards in respect to accuracy and correctness.

What will the collected money be used for  in the forthcoming months:

Translation services for the website

Approx. 700, — €

Purchase of technical equipment (laptops, cameras, recording equipment, microphones, etc.)

Approx. 1800, — €

Purchase of licenses (image, sound and video)

Approx. 800, — €

Programming the website (including server move, webspace, etc.)

Approx. 1200, — €

Software and software licenses

Approx. 500, – €

Foundation of a non-profit enterprise

Approx. 1400, — €

(sum: 6.400,– €)

Priority is given to the reprogramming and technical realization of the website, as well as to translations in English, French and Spanish. Other languages will follow. Meanwhile we have to put the technical equipment at the top of the agenda. We will achieve our grassroots standards only if we meet the necessary technical requirements. When these steps are completed, a non-profit organization can emerge.

The sooner the required sums will be collected, the faster the idea will become reality.

Through your financial support, no matter how much you can afford, and by sharing the campaign with your friends and acquaintances in the real and digital world, you can help „Neue Debatte“ to become a world wide medium for all people!

Neue Debatte is 100% grassroots journalism

We are encouraging people from Latin America, the USA, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and all countries to publish on and to be part of „Neue Debatte“.

„Neue Debatte“ does not include advertising, is not committed to any political party or organization, and invites its readers to critical discussion and active cooperation.

The „Neue Debatte“ guarantees a report free of commercial influence, understood as an element of international unity by giving people of all nations the opportunity to formulate and to take action for their interests.

Feel free to send me your questions here or write it as  a comment below.

Thank you for support on gofundme.com!

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    Besonders schöner Inhalt. Wie kann ich den Verfasser erreichen?

    Gefällt mir


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