Salute! Hello! Ahoj! привет!

Super natürlich. (Foto: Marija Zaric,

You are brave, combative and stand by the side of the weak? You are a fighter for social justice? Wonderful! Maybe you are the character and spirit to push forward our international grassroots media project. We have areas that we need to realizing and professional skills are a prerequisite for this parts of our activities. But that is just one aspect of many others because everyone can help us and everyone can participate in Neue Debatte!

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Comic Artist

If you like to design underdogs and tell their story in comics – one picture, one message – first step is done.

You are aware that we have little money in our pocket and you can’t get rich? Write us today! You are a beginner? Who cares! Never give up and give your best with a smile. You are a humanist, honest, authentic and without prejudice? Get in touch now! You are an anarchist? No problem! Your message is welcome.

Please push the button for your message.

PS: You are a job broker? No chance, Sir. We want nothing to do with you.


You know the ocean of law and order? You’re moving intrepid in the jungle of paragraphs?

You love the diversity of media and want to defend freedom of speech? Are you ready to fight? Maybe you are the lawyer and counselor we are looking for our media projects in Spain, Brasil, USA, Germany and Austria. Your office is in a backyard? Write us today! Most of your clients are workers or broke and you still defend them? We look forward to your message! You want justice and no compromises?

Send us your message now!

PS: You ask for money first? Don’t write us!

Media Guerrilla

Superheld an der East Side Gallery. (Foto: Peter Dargatz,; Creative Commons CC0)

Pssst. Quietly, please. Not everyone needs to know that. You know what this is about? You move inconspicuously in the net. You are there, but not recognizable. You infiltrate the comment columns and forums. You are unpredictable, because you’re invisible. You are like a virus! You are like a virus! And suddenly you appear and offer a soft ice cream!

Who wants to defeat the giants of the media world, relies on guerrilla marketing. So we do. Therefore we need you if you are the virus we are looking for. Fame and laurels await you.

Write us a message – but be inconspicuous.

PS: You are an agent or markting office? Sorry, you’re moving loud like an elephant. Thats not suitable for soft ice cream like Neue Debatte.

Some of Our Team

Alex lives in the north of Germany and organizes our events and lectures.
Autorin Alex Ross
Alex Ross
Krystyna works in Barcelona and implements our projects in Catalonia.
Krystyna Schreiber
Krystyna schreiber
Gunther is a member of the editorial staff, plans projects and establishes cooperations.
Gunther Sosna Foto Robert Manoutschehri expeditionzone
Gunther Sosna
Jairo is from Spain and lives in Germany. He translates and writes articles on current events.
Jairo Gomez Garcia

Some of Our Collaborations

Journalism that is neither committed to possession nor to power is not only a rarity in Germany. One of this exceptions is „Rubikon – Das Magazin für die kritische Masse“.

The international humanist press agency „Pressenza“ reports from all over the world. The focus is on peace and non-violence.

The „Unsere Zeitung – Die Demokratische“ has the headquarter in Vienna (Austria). It reports on topics that are of interest to everyone but are neglected in the establised media.

Any questions? Write us now!