Wanted: Media Guerrilla

Salute! Hello! Ahoj! привет!

Pssst. Quietly, please. Not everyone needs to know that. You know what this is about? You move inconspicuously in the net. You are there, but not recognizable. You infiltrate the comment columns and forums. You are unpredictable, because you’re invisible. You are like a virus! And suddenly you appear and offer a soft ice cream! Who wants to defeat the giants of the media world, relies on guerrilla marketing. So we do. Therefore we need you if you are the virus we are looking for. Fame and laurels await you.

Write us a message – but be inconspicuous.

Please use the form below for your message.

PS: You are an agent or markting office? Sorry, you’re  moving loud like an elephant. Thats not suitable for soft ice cream like Neue Debatte.